Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Iacocca Family Foundation - Funding Important Diabetes Research

A real estate developer and founder of Pinnacle Hills in Arkansas, Bill Schwyhart began his career in the automotive industry. From 1982 until 2001, Bill Schwyhart was the owner and dealer principal of Hart Motor Company in Rogers, Arkansas. Owning a Chrysler dealership years prior, he was counseled by industry expert Lee Iacocca.

The former Chrysler CEO, Lee Iacocca established the Iacocca Family Foundation in 1984 after his wife, Mary Iacocca, passed away from type 1 diabetes complications. The foundation's aim is to fund innovative research and projects that seek to bring an end to type 1 diabetes and complications caused by the disease. Each year, the foundation invites independent researchers and sponsored research offices to submit grant applications.

Currently, two University of Miami doctors as well as one each from Vanderbilt University and Massachusetts General Hospital are using Iacocca Family Foundation grants to support type 1 diabetes research. To date, the foundation has funded projects worth a combined $40 million.

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